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Especially suitable for hanging wall decorations in residential and commercial interiors, is the Arti Clickrail. This profile is used for walls and can easily be mounted by means of screws and fastening clips.


With perlon or steel wires and picture-hooks for various weights, your decoration can be hung on any desirable height and can easily be switched.

The rail is available in powder coated white and black, anodised aluminium and brushed aluminium.

When you choose for the primer finish of the Click Rail, you can paint the rail in the same colour as your wall so that the hanging system virtually runs into the wall.



  • The aluminium rail is 25mm high and 8mm wide
  • Maximum weight is 20 Kgs per metre, if mounted correctly.

Overview suspension options:



The Artiteq Toprail is designed for ceiling fixed situations.

Ideal for the transformation of your suspended ceilings into a virtually invisible picture hanging spot. Also suitable for concrete ceilings.

Arti Toprail is available in a powder coated white and black finish.

All Perlon and wire cobra hangers fit into this rail system:


Picture Hooks

A range of various picture hooks is available. Choose your hook depending on the required weight capacity needed for your wall decoration.

There are two types of applications: hooks that need to be tightened manually and self-gripping hooks.

Overview – Mini-hook, picture-hook round brass & picture-hook heavy:

  • Tighten manually
  • Applicable to Perlon wire
  • Maximum weight: From 4 kgs to 10 kgs
  • Advice: Tighten an extra turn after 24 hrs for maximum grip
  • Advice: Do not tighten with pliers

Side-loader hook*, ratchet hook & loqqer**:

  • Self-gripping
  • Applicable to Perlon wire and steel wire
  • Maximum weight: 15 kgs
  • * Extra feature Side-loader hook: Only suitable for aluminium site-loader frames
  • ** Extra feature loqqer: Anti-theft hook

Perlon/Steel Wire

All hooks fit on the perlon wire, which is a 2 mm transparent wire. The stainless steel wire is 1.8 mm, and is compatible with the side-loader hook, ratchet hook and loqqer. Both wire systems are very user friendly.


Hanging System for Schools

A state of the art system for Schools that is extremely flexible and both user friendly and functional.

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