You meet PLEXIGLAS® every day, all your life.


PLEXIGLAS® provides a clear view, lends shape and brilliance to a variety of objects, protects against rain, hail and stormy weather, withstands extreme pressure and heat, is break-resistant and faithfully reflects the world in all its colours.

Our products and know-how are available all over the world. From aircraft construction and aircraft cabin windows to structural glazing, in noise barriers or in advertising, PLEXIGLAS® offers the tailormade, durably brilliant solution you are looking for.

PLEXIGLAS® is nothing short of excellent, such as its weather resistance, light transmission, formability, impact strength, variety of colours and surface quality.


  • Group of clear sheet grades with highest UV protection for glazing pictures, art objects and exhibits
  • Protection from fading and yellowing
  • Only half the weight of silicate picture glass, but up to 11 times more break-resistant
  • Easy and safe to machine and install
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