Conservation Framing


At Q Framing Pte Ltd, we believe in and practise Conservation and Museum Standard Framings. These standards of framing offers an important form of insurance for your valuable artwork and mementos, keeping them as lovely as they are today for your enjoyment for years to come. The cost premium for Conservation and Museum Framing is certainly well worth it.

We employ materials that have been proven to protect and maintain art in as close to its original condition as possible:

UV Protection Glazing

We stock and use a range of UV Protection Glazing from Evonik and Tru Vue Inc.

Plexiglas from Evonik (Gallery® Plexiglas) offers 99.7% UV Protection (3mm material thickness) and Tru Vue range of Musuem Glass and Optimum Museum Acrylic. 

Ultraviolet light rays not only cause colours to fade but also start to destroy the materials right in the frame. Conservation Quality picture framing glazing is specially formulated to protect framed works of art from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.

100% Cotton Rag Mat Boards

We use only Museum Grade 100% Rag Matboards made from 100% rag cotton — the ultimate quality and most desirable for conservation.

Proper Hinging

We adhere to proper conservation techniques for mounting (sometimes called “hinging”) and sealing your artwork.

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